HON Eriberta
Prof. Eugene de Silva
Prof. Guntram
Dr. Peter Lewis



Undersecretary for Special Concerns

Department of Science and Technology, Philippines.




Ø     Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Ø     Biochemistry

Ø     Research and Development

Ø     Peace and Security Studies

Ø     Bioterrorism / Counterterrorism

Ø     Technology Forecasting / S&T Linkages with Private Sector Groups

Ø     Strong S&T Advocacy

Ø     International scientist

Ø     Graduate of the University of Tokyo

Ø     Strong linkages with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,  the University of Mainz in Germany, Knightsbridge University Denmark

Ø      Driven and dedicated




2002-present                    Undersecretary for Special Concerns

                                          Department of Science and Technology


                                                Develop S&T for economic development

                                                           Through a strong partnership with business sectors, including the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), for the formulation and establishment of a Center for Police Studies and a Center for Entrepreneurship;


Provide technical assistance for business support for ISO certification and global technology scanning;

Responsible for strengthening the Department’s program to encourage more financial investments on R&D and S&T endeavors from both local and foreign sources;


Conceptualized and initiated the establishment of a Center for Service Concerns and the “S&T Political Convergence Program,” strengthening

political support for and intervention in S&T projects which provide livelihood toward alleviating poverty;


Designed concept of optimizing technology transfer activities from Japan to the Philippines through S&T with DOST as a model;


Conceptualized the setting up of business incubators for mature DOST technologies as well as devised a scheme for rural S&T financing program;

Developed concept of strengthening experts’ pool from DOST that will cater to the business /private sector needs for S&T intervention that will spur development of the industry sector for global competitiveness;


Conduct capacity Building in various government  agencies in counterterrorism;


Actively participate both in the international / national Conferences in combating Terrorism;


Conducts training / lectures on awareness of CBWD / Chemical Biological Weapons;


Submitted to USA for funding CBWD Monitoring Institute;


Provide consultancy services to LGUs and             private sector groups


1999-2002                                Regional Director

                                        Department of Science and Technology

                                                Regional Office No. V in Legaspi City


The first regional director who established the DOST CORNERS in the Bicol Region and in the country;



                                                           Authored an effective Science Policy on Organizational Dynamics for DOST such that more                                                            financial and technical assistance including techno-transfer be given to DOST Regional                                                            Offices through ODA toward strengthening bilateral relations in Science and Technology                                                             between the Philippines and Japan as well as other Asian countries;


Developed technological projects for rural reconstruction designed to generate more jobs and increase incomes for the region.




1997-1998                              Director

                                                Institute for Peace and Security Studies

                                                Bicol University , Legaspi City


1995-1999                              Assistant Director

                                                Research and Statistics Center

                                                Bicol University , Legaspi City


1995-2000                              Professor V

                                                Graduate School

Bicol University , Legaspi City



1978-1994                                                                            Assistant Professor

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bicol University , Legaspi City


1975-1978                              Chemistry Instructor

                                                Aquinas University , Legaspi City




1991-1994                              Doctor of Engineering

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST)

University of Tokyo , Japan

                                                (Monbusho Scholar)


1989-1991                              Master of Science in Engineering

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST)

University of Tokyo , Japan

                                                (Monbusho Scholar)


1987-1989                              Researcher

                                                Tokyo Institute of Technology , Japan                                                                    (Monbusho Scholar)


1970-1975                              Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

                                                University of Sto . Tomas, Manila




2000 (September)                    Outstanding Awardee in the field of Science and Technology

                                                Bicol University , Legaspi City



1999 (December)                     Presidential Merit Award

                                                Albay Chamber of Commerce and Industry         

                                                Legaspi City


1999                                        Visiting Scientist

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Kanazawa , Japan


1998                                        Philippine National Police Awardee


1998 (June)                              Woman Achiever in Science

                                                “Today with Kris Aquino” Program             



1987-1994                              Undertook pioneering research on the Acetylcholine Sensor (a neurotransmitter sensor), acknowledged by the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) to be the first in the world


1992                                        Trainee

                                                Pennington Biomedical Laboratory

                                                Louisiana State University , USA


1983                                        National Science Awardee as Adviser for Anti-Pollution Device


1983                                        National Science Awardee as Co-Patent Holder/Adviser for Hydro Early Warning Device                                          




“Development of Acetylcholine Sensor Using Carbon Fiber (Amperometric Determination),” Biosensors and Bioelectronics Journal

“Ultra-Microcholine Sensor Based on an Enzyme-Modified Electrode,” Anal. Chim. Acta Journal


“Nafion-Coated Carbon Fiber for Acetylcholine and Choline Sensors,” Electroanalysis Journal

“Micro-Choline Sensor for Acetylcholinesterase Determination,”

Anal. Chim. Acta Journal




Ø      Lecturer/Speaker, International Conference on National Security in a Changing Region, Asia Pacific Conferences & Event Management (APCEM), Singapore, (2004)

Ø      Participant, International Conference on Knowledge Management” Japan ( 2004)

Ø      Lecturer/Speaker, Biosensors/Bioelectronics Seminar/Lecture

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan

          (November 1999)

Ø      Speaker, 8th International Water Conference and Exhibition or PHILWATER ’99, Philippines (5-8 October 1999)

Ø      Interviewer, Japanese Government Scholarship or Monbusho Screening Process, Manila (17-20 August 1999)

Ø      Delegate, PEACE Conference , El Salvador (1997)

Ø      Participant, World Biosensors Congress , Thailand (1996)

Ø      Participant, 46th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemists, Xiamen , China (1995)

Ø      Spring Speaker, Japan Chemical Society, Tokyo , Japan (1994)

Ø      Spring Speaker, Japan Chemical Society , Hokkaido , Japan (1993)

Ø      Autumn Speaker, Japan Chemical Society, Niigata , Japan (1992)

Ø      UST Research Center , Philippines (October 1992)

Ø      Autumn Speaker, Japan Chemical Society, Yokohama , Japan (October 1992)

Ø      Spring Speaker, Japan Chemical Society, Yokohama , Japan (1991)

Ø      Participant, Internationalization of the 23 Wards of Tokyo , Tokyo , Japan (1991)

Ø      Spring Speaker, Japan Chemical Society, Yokohama , Japan (1990)

Ø      Speaker, Biosensors World Congress , Singapore (1990)

Ø      Participant, Editing International Journals for Publications (1987-1995)

Ø      Participant, Friendship Program for the 20th Century, Japan (1987-1995)

Ø      Speaker in various local engagements




Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Intelligence, Security and Terrorism Studies (IJISTS), 2003

Associate Member, National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP)

Chairman, Regional Information Technology Committee (RITC)

Chairman, Technical Working Group on S&T/R&D for the Regional Action Agenda for Productivity (RAAP)

Member, Regional Research and Development Coordinating Council (RRDCC)

Member, Technical Education Skills Development Committee (TESDC)

Member, Regional Development Council (RDC)

Board of Director, Philippine Association of Monbusho Scholars or PHILAJAMES, 1999-2000

Member, Philippine Association of Research and Development Managers (PHILARM), 1999-present

Member, Philippine Association of Food Technologies (PAFT), 1999-2002

Chairman, Philippine Science High School Camarines Sur Campus -Local School Board, 1999-2002

Board of Trustee, Sorsogon State College (SSC) and the Camarines Sur Polytechnic College (CSPC), 1999-2002

Board of Regent, Partido State University (PSU)





Participants to the Biological Weapons Convention Regional Workshop at the

          Asia-Pacific Centre for Military Law, University of Melbourne , Australia

          ( February 21-25, 2005 )

Delegate to the International Conference on “National Security in a Changing

          Region”, Singapore ( October 28-29, 2004 )

Delegate to the Conference on “Combating International Terrorism,” Singapore ( October 20-22, 2003 )

Delegate to the Conference on “Terrorism in Asia and the Pacific: Its Threat and Response,”  Singapore ( October 17-18, 2002 )

Visiting Scientist, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan ( November 5-10, 2002 )

Presentation of DOST programs, thrust and mandate and discussion of projects for future collaboration, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  (HKUST) (June 2001)





Citizenship                                        Filipino

Date of Birth                                      31 May 1953

Place of Birth                                     Albay

Civil Status                                        Single

Languages Spoken                            English, Japanese, Spanish, Tagalog

Countries Traveled                           Japan , Thailand , China , Singapore , the United States , El Salvador , Hong Kong