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Conferences and Future Events

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Forthcoming conference

Call for Papers for Two Conferences

Year 2010

(Dates to be confirmed)


Organized by:

International Institute for Specialized Education and Research



associated branches



The Second International Conference On

Intelligence, Security, & Terrorism Studies


Sixth International Conference on Martial Arts


Year 2010

(Dates to be confirmed)


Conference Theme


‘The Role of Intelligence in Combating Modern Terrorism ’


' The Impact of Genuine Research in Martial Arts'


Organizing Committee:


Prof. Eugene de Silva, Ph.D., FRSA – IISER


Guest of Honour: To be confirmed


Specialist Speakers ( to be confirmed)



About the conference

‘The Role of Intelligence in Combating Terrorism’ is a three day conference that will highlight the importance of intelligence and is aimed at:

·        Professionals and practitioners of security organizations

·        Academics and researchers of relevant fields

·        Politicians and diplomats

The conference will provide an opportunity for the participants to understand the concepts, processes of intelligence and future challenges in a rapidly changing world. Threats posed by terrorism and CBRN weapons to the world will also be discussed at this conference with reference to the role of intelligence.

The world of intelligence completely transformed at the end of the Cold War. Whilst this major change broadened the focus of intelligence into other areas, in an age of information, the intelligence services faced with the difficulty of distinguishing the important from the urgent. Post 9/11 has highlighted many of the failures in intelligence systems hitherto ignored. The lack of quality assurance aspects of these services was vociferously known to the world after the 9/11 catastrophe. Now supported by new legislation, and a new set of beliefs and values, the intelligence services are in the process of rectifying and reviewing their quest to ensure their success.

The participants of this conference will be given an opportunity to share their views with experts in these fields. Major issues raised and solutions resulted will be eventually forwarded to relevant security and intelligence services at the end of this conference. In this context, this conference is based on an interactive, pragmatic forum. This will give your organization, research centre, or you as an individual involved in relevant fields to contribute to the valuable work of security and intelligence services.



Terms and Conditions


Conference Fees and reservations:

The final day to reserve a place for the conference will be ........... The ticket price is $500.00 and includes: morning and evening tea/coffee, buffet lunch and book of abstracts.

Early bird discount is 10% off the full price. (If booked before ............)

For students the discount is 15% off the full price.

The number of tickets for each category is limited and therefore an early booking is advised. No fees are refunded once the place is confirmed. If you need any information on advertising or stalls for the sales of books, please e-mail us before .............

The places are not guaranteed until we confirm in writing with details. We may require more information before confirming a place due to the sensitive nature of the conference.


Conference details

Conference details are sent out with each registration. If you have not received the details after six weeks of posting the registration forms or if the details we have back are incorrect please contact us immediately.

Our contact details:

Conference Organizer,



Conference Venue

To be decided



A separate map will be sent with the registration confirmation.




Sponsorship and marketing opportunities


For all details in this regard please contact us separately, as soon as possible.


For Cancellations please refer to our conditions above.



The conference fee does not include accommodation fees and the registrants are responsible to arrange their own accommodation. Upon request further details can be provided.

Program changes

It may be necessary to change the programs times, speakers and the content of the program as a result of no fault of the organizers. In such cases IISER will not be responsible.


Registration Details


Complete in Block Capitals. Please photocopy for multiple registrations, and /or pass to colleagues with interests in this area.


Title and Full Name:



Full Address ( Including postcode)

Tel:                                          Fax:





I/we wish to attend the above conference and wish to reserve ……….. tickets for the event.


I have sent my c.v. and relevant details with this confirmation. I have also attached a photocopy of my passport for your clearance.



Method of payment


Payments must be received before the dates specified to reserve a place. Receipts will be issued with conference details confirming the reservations of all registrants.


□Cheque: Negotiable in the UK made payable to IISER


□Bank Transfer: To IISER, Barclays Business Centre, Oldham Branch, 25, High street, Oldham, OL13AZ

A/c:   80902500         Sort Code: 20-46-12


I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms of registration as specified in this brochure.


Signature:                               Date:


For further inquiries please e-mail :