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     For all  academic programs, you need to complete a common application form and submit it with several proof documents. Once we receive your initial inquiry, we would decide on a suitable program for you, and send an e-mail to you within 14 days. In this e-mail, we will inform you of our fees, and any other necessary information pertaining to your enrolment/program. We expect you to reply within 14 days. Once we receive your confirmation, we will send you an application pack including all other information via e-mail. Once we receive the application form within the due period we state in our letter, we will proceed with the enrolment, provided you have sent us all the information, documents, and fees as requested. As a non-profit organization, we cannot waste our time or resources which add extra costs to bona fide students. In this context we follow a rigid selection/enrolment process. We provide quality programs at a very reasonable cost.

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Please send your inquires to registrar@iuser.org