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The First International Conference on Martial Arts - 1998 ( Combined with the first graduation of Fellows of the Society of Martial Arts)

Held at the Crew and Alsager Campus of Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Guest of Honour: Mr. Tom Hibbert MBE, FSMA

Conference Papers

The cardiovascular responses of male subjects to kung fu techniques: expert/novice paradigm

Hyperventilation, trance states and suggestions in Martial Arts

Examining the preparation phase of karate performance with brain analysis techniques

A review of  Goju Ryu style                                             

The Second International Conference on Martial Arts - 1999 ( Combined with the second graduation of Fellows/Graduates of the Society of Martial Arts)

Held at University of Salford, UK

Guest of Honour: Prof. Jacques Cremieux

Conference Papers

Biomechanical analysis of basic taekwondo kicks.

Aerobic and anaerobic endurance in recreational taekwondo athletes.

The possibility of an American degree in martial arts.

A review on scientific studies in judo.

A pedagogical structure in modern Japanese martial arts forms: a consideration.

Isokinetic peak torque in young taekwondo athletes. 

A review of scientific research on karate.

Competitive orientation of recreational taekwondo athletes.

Developing and validating a conceptual model for describing and developing individual character and principle centered leadership in students of traditional martial arts.

An Examination of aikido’s fourth teaching: an anatomical study of the tissues of the forearm.

An anatomical examination of aikido's arm-lock (ude-gatame) technique: what tissues are impacted?

Scientific Research of taekwondo: a review

Direct measurement of cardiorespiratory and metabolic responses during the performance of t’aichich’uan:t’aiChi vs. CDC and ACSM combined recommendations.

Martial arts and health: defend yourself … against heart disease ( and live to tell your children about it)!

Perception of verticality in French elite taekwondo athletes

Research in Chinese martial arts : a review

Review of scientific literature on Indian martial arts


The Third International Conference on Martial Arts 2000   

Held at University of Salford, UK

Guest of Honour: Prof. Joseph Connolly; Founder of American Yudo Organization

Conference Papers

The origin of martial arts – an analysis

Ritual and environment in martial arts

Central line theory

Mixing the ancient and modern – towards progressive education in the martial arts

A qualification in conflict management and personal safety training

A new city and guild qualification for martial arts

Principle based training as a competence factor in teaching self-defence within police work 

The Fourth International Conference on Martial Arts 2002 ( Combined with the third graduation of Fellows/Graduates of the Society of Martial Arts)

Held at University of Salford, UK

Guest of Honour: Prof. Greg Olson; Montana State University, USA

Conference Papers

 The history and development of Aiki-Jiu-Jitsu

 Injuries in the Dojo: Responding Correctly to Shoulder Dislocations and Clavicle Fractures

 Goal Setting for Success 

 Military Arts versus Martial Sports

 An Anatomical Analysis of Aikido's Second Teaching: An Investigation of Nikyo


The Fifth International Conference on Martial Arts - 2003 ( Combined with the fourth graduation of Fellows/Graduates of the Society of Martial Arts)

Held at Bolton Arena, Manchester. UK

Guest of Honour: Hon. Mayor of Bolton, UK, Councillor Cliff Morris

Conference Papers

History and development of Aiki-Bu-Jutsu - Prof. G, Scarrott, FSMA, Kiai Yamabushi Ryu , UK

The influence of martial arts training upon the development of a Young Child - Prof. J,.R. Lee-Barron, Ph.D FSMA FRSA and Prof Eugene de Silva, Ph.D FSMA FRSA, CHEMA , UK

Tackling disaffection through martial arts - Eugene de Silva Ph.D., FRSA and Jaimie Lee Barron Ph.D., FRSA, CHEMA , UK

 The art of combat came from the Temple -  Sifu Sam Lee F.S.M.A., Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut  Kung Fu, Ireland

Developing professional martial arts for tomorrow - Mario Hundertajlo PGCE, CHEMA , UK

Martial Succession - Rev Toby Humphry MA, MMA, FRSA, FSMA, SMA , UK


The First International Conference on Intelligence, Security and Terrorism Studies - 2004

Held at Greater Manchester Police Training Centre, Manchester, UK.

Guest of Honour: Mayor of Bury; Councillor Wilf Davidson

Conference papers

Countering  Fidayeen Attacks – Challenges for Indian Security Forces and Intelligence Agencies - Lt. Col. Behram A. Sahukar ; Research Fellow, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses ,  New Delhi, India.

The Value Of Local Information And Efficient Reporting Procedures – Lt. Col. Grant; LF , UK and Prof. Jaimie Lee Barron; IISER , UK .  

Counterfeit solutions - Dr. Long Lin; University of Leeds , UK .

Terrorism & Weapons of Mass Destruction: What Role for Intelligence? - Dr. Gavin Cameron ; Ass. Professor, University of Salford , UK .

Human Factors of Intelligence Analysis - Dr. Malcolm James Cook; University of Aberystwyth , Dundee , Scotland .

Sensor Technology : Tool for Counter-terrorism and its potential applications in the Philippines - Dr. Eriberta Nepamucena ; Undersecretary, Dep. Of Science and Technology , Philippines .

Emergency and contingency planning in a biochemical attack -Robert Flute; Chief Emergency and Contingency Planning Officer, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire , UK and John Biggs.

Plenary Session discussions:

Prof. Anthony Glees; Brunel University , UK

Topics for discussion: .

a) Current problems in the governance of intelligence and security policy in the UK :

Question  - 'Has policy-driven intelligence displaced intelligence-driven policy?'

b) The culture of intelligence and security in the UK since 1980:

Question -  'Does Britain 's political culture help or hinder the development of successful security and counter-terror policies?'