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We offer British qualifications combined with overseas qualifications.

If you are a part of the British Armed Forces, through Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS), you can receive some assistance towards the programs you study through IISER. 

IISER was a recognized provider of ELCAS and the agreement ended in May 2006, since we did not have a sufficient number of students form armed force. If you are from armed forces and wish to enroll in our programs, then let us know and we will seek funding from ELCAS by re-registering with them .

Our qualifications are also mentioned in the " British Qualifications" book published by Kogan Page


Research Programs




Mastership ( Non U.K. Qualification)


The fields of research are: science, mathematics, engineering, materials, sports science, martial arts, business studies, marketing, psychology, philosophy, intelligence, security, and terrorism studies.


Accreditation to Prior Learning


If you have many years of experience in a particular field and would want to enroll for a taught/research program please first check with us for possible APL. If our assessments prove that your experience falls under APL, this might exempt you from several parts of the taught/research program. Your previous published work may also account towards APL, provided the material published is not out of date.


Honorary Awards


Once a year we offer honorary awards to person/s with outstanding achievements, and if you wish to be considered for an award under this category, please send us an e-mail.


For all inquires on courses, fees, program etc. please e-mail to Please do not send your inquiries via regular post.


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